We are a co-op of artists and musicians who work on the side as gardeners and food forest specialists. Our solar-powered prototype at Rabbit Hole Studios has over 100 fruit trees, shrubs, flowers, and herbs, creating a thriving ecosystem that requires minimal maintenance and pays us back with seasonal dividends of organic fruit, veggies and natural medicines.


Meet the crew

Garden and Flower Specialist

Becca Roberts
2008 - Present

Independent Landscaper

Sean Conlon
2010 - Present

LandWorks Specialist

Josh Mansfield
2005 - Present

Permaculture & Food Forest Specialist

Nick Bradfield
2011 - Present

Sustainable Landscapes

Food Forest

Transforming lawns into vibrant food forests with automated irrigation systems and a wide variety of fruit trees, shrubs, flowers, and herbs.

purple petaled flowers
purple petaled flowers
Beautiful Gardens

Designing and creating stunning gardens that reflect your personal style and enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

top view of green succulent plants
top view of green succulent plants
Artistic Landscapes

Bringing creativity and artistry to landscaping by combining elements of nature, music, and visual arts.

a bunch of fruit hanging from a tree
a bunch of fruit hanging from a tree
Eco-Friendly Designs

Developing environmentally-friendly landscapes that promote biodiversity, conserve water, and minimize maintenance.